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Berry Rose Bar


Berry Rose Bar

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Berry Rose Bar


Net Wt. 1.8oz. (50g)

Romancing with these Ingredients: 70% raw chocolate (raw cacao beans*, coconut sugar*), goji berries*, strawberries*, cherries*, damiana*, yumberry, passionflower*, rose hips*, rose petals*, rose essential oil*, Love. *organic

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A bouquet of roses, box of chocolates & chocolate-dipped strawberries - all in one!

Bursting from the terra chocolata of Gnosis’s Garden of Delights is its newest bloom: the Berry Rose Bar. To inhale its exquisite bouquet - no less evocative or intoxicating than your first love’s cologne - is to fall in love with life all over again.

While the Bar’s fragrance power is upon on us, let’s pause for a moment to consider the sense that contributes 75% of what we describe as taste; yes, it’s our sense of smell that detects food’s “odor molecules” and gives us most of our taste sensation. This being the case, can the bright fruit and floral fragrances of strawberry, goji berry, cherry, yumberry, passion flower, damiana, and rose petals create anything less than a miraculous taste experience?

In fact, it might create something considerably more. Seemingly all berries and roses, the Berry Rose Bar’s chocolate, passionflower, and damiana may actually be whetting our appetites for a love far more tangible than the recollection of an early sweetheart. You already know that chocolate is a veritable laboratory of love. Its chemicals stimulate our brain juices to flow into rivers of desire: serotonin to heighten sexual excitation, desire, and responsiveness; dopamine to intensify pleasure, and; anandamine (the “bliss chemical”) to induce euphoria. Chocolate also brings “the Love Chemical” - phenylethylamine (PEA) - to the party; it’s what we produce when we fall in love and when we’re in the throes of the Big O.

Snuggling alongside the berries and petals wrapped in Berry Rose Bar’s potent chocolate blanket are two more agents of Venus: extracts of damiana and of passionflower. Growing in Texas, California, Mexico, and Central America, the aromatic leaf of the damiana plant has long been used by traditional medicine to calm and tone the central nervous system, combat stress, and to stimulate sexual function. Damiana’s aphrodisiac qualities have also been shown by recent research to increase blood flow and stimulation in sexual organs, and to reduce erectile dysfunction and anorgasmia.

The Berry Rose Bar’s other aphrodisiac has been pressed from large white blooms with pinkish-purple centers indigenous to tropical and semi-tropical areas from the Amazon to midwest and southeast North America. Those blooms evoked images of the Crucifixion to Spanish missionaries in 16th century Peru, who named them "passionflowers." These flowers' ability to summon a different kind of passion soon became known, however, and while the missionaries surely celebrated the anti-anxiety properties they were also found to possess, passionflowers became more widely embraced as an aphrodisiac that stimulated desire and enhanced satisfaction.

Just as love and desire appear simple from a distance but complex closer up, the Berry Rose Bar seems a simple chocolate treat while still wrapped, but, once enjoyed, becomes a carnival of fragrance-enhanced flavors that delight us and an arsenal of nature’s fuel that inflames our desires.

There’s magic in Gnosis’s Berry Rose Bar… and it’s yours for the asking.