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Mayan Heat Elixir - 10% off!


Mayan Heat Elixir - 10% off!


Mayan Heat Elixir - 10% off!

from 11.69

Net Wt. 8oz. (224g)

Ingredients: raw cacao powder*, coconut sugar*, lucuma*, cinnamon*, hawthorne*, vanilla*, cayenne*, nutmeg*, chipotle*, Love. *organic

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Just add to hot or cold water, herbal tea, coffee, mylkshake, or any recipe that calls for chocolate powder... and even ones that don't!

Mayan Heat, like all Gnosis Elixirs, is powered by raw, organic, ethically sourced cacao.

This is Gnosis’ version of the traditional elixir of the Mayas.

Sweetened by low-glycemic Coconut Sugar, Mayan Heat’s health benefits are brought to you by cayenne, whose support of the circulatory system, and role as an overall tonic has been widely-researched.

Cinnamon sounds unique flavor notes while supporting blood sugar, cholesterol and inflammation control. Lucuma (native to Peru’s Andean region) provides an array of vitamins and a sweet hint of maple.

Surely an elixir of the Gods, this is hot chocolate whose spicy kick gives you an energy boost you will surely love. As a high octane fuel that doesn’t pollute, a delicious, full-bodied replacement for coffee, or simply a reward to yourself for living well and kindly, Gnosis Mayan Heat Elixir is your go-to beverage.