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Thank you so much for your interest in Gnosis Chocolate!

I answer every question personally and am in the kitchen making chocolate every day so I’ll ask for just a little patience. If your inquiry is time sensitive, please email: urgent@gnosischocolate.com and cc: vanessa@gnosischocolate.com and aida@gnosischocolate.com. We’re a very small team and want to make sure we don’t miss anything!

I truly look forward to the honor of making chocolate for you!

Vanessa aka Chocolate Girl

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Gnosis Stores

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Our website grants full access to our inventory including chocolate bars, trail mixes, cacao elixirs, superfoods, body care, and limited edition online exclusives you'll never find in stores such as seasonal truffle collections and limited edition chocolate bars.

Chocolate sent from our kitchen has been made within a matter of days. We include reusable icepacks and insulation free of charge!!!

We ship directly from our kitchen all year-round and accept all major forms of payment.



At the moment, our products can only be purchased right here - directly from us.

Haven't seen us in your local store for a while and have been wondering whatever happened?
Let me share... it has a happy ending!

I started Gnosis Chocolate when I was 23 years old and by 28 - without investors or seasoned business parters - we were in hundreds of stores! 100% of our growth came 100% by word of mouth - our customers were so passionate about our products and what we stood for that they became ambassadors in our Suggest A Store Program and we found no need for sales reps or paid advertising!

All the while... every single product was made 100% by hand!!! We catered to over 300 of grocery stores, health food stores, specialty stores, spas, doctor's offices, and wellness centers worldwide - we were even nationally distributed in Japan!

We reached the tipping point where many entrepreneurs take investments, hire big-shots, or sell. All too often the vision is lost and corners are cut. It was getting to be a bit much for us oompa-loompas - but we were determined to not sell out!

Having no experience with such matters at that scale, and a profound desire to run Gnosis with integrity or not at all, I chose to pull out of all our stores until I restructured the company to handle larger volume without losing any attention to detail. After all, the magic is in the detail!



Here's the happy ending (actually a new beginning!) 

We're gearing up to stock stores by Fall 2018!!!

Since I informed all our wholesale accounts almost 6 months before we paused operations so they could plan inventory and shelf space, those relationships were left on a very positive note and several of them regularly reach out requesting to be notified "If chocolate girl ever wants to come back - no one really filled your place!" (head buyer of Fairway Market, where we had a custom built end cap with 18 Gnosis SKUS - it did so well he wanted one in every store!) 

If you're interested in becoming a wholesaler, or would like to suggest a store near you that you think would do well carrying our products, please let us gno! We’ve always grown 100% by word of mouth - help us grow and you’ll receive free chocolate in gratitude!



Aiming to neither lure nor schmooze you - our ONE monthly ChocoLetter shares transparent company updates, product launches, exclusive discounts (like free shipping!), chocolate party invites, and tidbits on chocolate, health, and active creation of tomorrow!

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