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Deeply Dark Raw Chocolate

Deeply Dark Bar


Ingredients: 90% raw chocolate* (raw cacao beans*, coconut sugar*), Love. *organic


Net Wt. 1.8oz. (50g) $8.99

SAVE 10% case of 12 bars $97

An espresso shot of chocolate, Dazzling Dark showcases the depth true dark chocolate lovers dream of.

It’s raw, rich, and as dense as the dime-sized universe at the Big Bang… only slightly civilized by bliss-inducing neurotransmitters, heart-opening theobromine, and subtle sweetness.

In this bar, Gnosis’ cacao from Madagascar takes center stage. 

This is the world’s ONLY raw chocolate made from Madagascar beans, and is personally my favorite for its deeply complex flavor profile, unique to the chocolate world!

In the 90% darkness, you will discover love and bliss through neurotransmitters (seratonin, dopamine, PEA, arginine, anandamide); release tension with magnesium; open your heart with theobromine. 

It is out of darkness that our universe has emerged and shone. And we who, from time to time may experience darkness in some form… we must follow the blueprint by building faith and understanding during the darkness so that, when it lifts, we shine brighter for it.

As T. Freke and P. Gandy wrote in the book that inspired me to write the word “Gnosis” on my first chocolate bar sold to a store:

“In a poetic attempt to capture this paradox, Gregory of Nyssa and Dionysius call it the ‘dazzling darkness’. Just as light is darkness when it has no objects upon which to reflect, so Consciousness is unconscious when it is witnessing no experiences. The one consciousness of ‘god’ is the dazzling darkness. It appears as the light of consciousness when it has something to illuminate. What it illuminates is an infinite number of psyches - sequences of experience […].”

*may contain traces of nuts, but always peanut free!

Our Madagascan Cacao

Chocolate Girl processed these nibs from the bean to ensure their raw integrity with François Pralus - the world renowned chocolatier who owns a young farm on Madagascar. This beautiful African Island is one of the poorest nations in the world. A powerful way to support a nation is to support their agriculture. Their cacao is incredibly fruity and exotically delicious! 

In October 2009, as the first step in Gnosis’ Raw Integrity Project, we commissioned a chocolate factory near Lyon, France to produce cacao paste that I could personally certify was raw, since I would participate with my hands and eyes in every step. This factory is owned and operated by a third-generation family business that produces some of the world’s highest quality chocolate - Francois Pralus. My intense personal involvement made it possible to to determine the variety, quality, and origin of the beans used, and to watch the temperature guages.