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I answer every question personally and am in the kitchen making chocolate every day so I’ll ask for just a little patience. If your inquiry is time sensitive, please email: urgent@gnosischocolate.com and cc: vanessa@gnosischocolate.com and aida@gnosischocolate.com. We’re a very small team and want to make sure we don’t miss anything!

I truly look forward to the honor of making chocolate for you!

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Gnosis Campaign
for The Second Decade

An appeal for your support so I may build an invigorated, sustainable love-inspired,
integrity-filled, passion-fueled company for decades to come!

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Starting with the very first SuperChoc made for fellow health coaches at Integrative Nutrition in 2007, a community grew around Gnosis and carried it by word of mouth. Thanks to a network of ambassadors whose passion for Gnosis products and values spread the word far and wide (not by distributors, sales reps, or advertising) to over 300 stores across the nation and overseas!

I’m writing now in response to the countless calls, emails, texts, and letters from our community of loyal ChocoLovers - many of whom have supported Gnosis for OVER 10 years. Unable to find a comparable line of chocolate with medicinal herbs in stores, they’ve urged me relentlessly to grow the company again and put our creations back on the shelves - pledging their support should I run a crowd-funder!!!

After having scaled down to online-only for a while to catch my breath, I’m excited to launch our campaign so we can meet their demand! Our growth thus far has always been 100% organic and we’ve never played into the traditional debt vs equity model. Now in our 11th year of devotion to cacao - I am making my very first appeal for funding!



I’ve learned that in order for an enterprise to be sustainable, emphasis must be on Team! Hiring with a balance of strengths, providing first class tools and systems, and anticipating the team’s needs as our company grows. Click here to learn more about our campaign goals!

In preparation for a holiday season of significant growth, I’m interviewing to build that Team, and - with your support - can create a space in which they will flourish, and can purchase inventory that meets our rigorous standards on a scale that increases our buying power.

Rather than using a crowdfunding platform, this simple campaign appeals to our ChocoLover community directly - with reports and pictures of the progress we make towards campaign goals to come via our ChocoLetter emails.

I am deeply grateful for the vital role you’ve played thus far in writing Gnosis’ story! With your help, this holiday season will celebrate the opening of our next chapter.

With so much Love and Gratitude,
Your Chocolate Girl Vanessa

Gifts of Gratitude

Below are 6 buttons for tiers between $25 and $1000 with options for the gifts you’ll receive from us in gratitude! (please note, I can only ship internationally over $500). Or, enter another gift amount (eg: $1,000,000 :D ):

These are just some concepts - I’m more than happy to modify the gifts below for you or add others you suggest eg: hats, t-shirts, discount coupon for life, etc! If you’d like to give over $5,000, let’s discuss a profit sharing agreement!

Give any amount (even $1!) and receive:

  1. Thanks: unless you wish to remain anonymous we will thank you publicly, and you’ll receive a little surprise expression of gratitude!

  2. Reciprocation: As you’ve supported me, so too shall I support you! :D I’ll share a link to a conscious venture of your choosing (ie: your business, an event, charitable organization, etc.) or your favorite quote, inspirational video, etc to my network of 30k.

  3. More!! An additional chocolate bar or cacao elixir of your choice for every $50 contributed to this campaign by your friends who are not already on my mailing list! Please share far and wide, and remind them to tell me I have you to thank!


Any chocolate bar of your choosing added to the next order you place


2 chocolate bars of your choosing added to the next order you place!


Autumn seasonal limited edition collection

+ 1 elixir of your choosing


2 deliveries of seasonal limited edition collections

+ 2 other items of your choosing


24 custom chocolate bars - phone call with Vanessa to discuss


3 deliveries of seasonal limited edition collections
+ 3 other items of your choosing


24 custom chocolate bars - phone call with Vanessa to discuss


3 deliveries of seasonal limited edition collections
+ 3 other items of your choosing


* GOAL = $35,000 * THANK YOU!*